Worcester Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

Businesses throughout Worcester rely on National Computer Warehouse Services to help with IT moves. But in recent years, we’ve also become known as a go-to resource for removing old IT equipment. Whether a business needs help with offloading mobile devices, servers, and computers as part of a move or to simply remove equipment from an office, our experienced technicians can help.

Before recycling or selling old equipment, however, Worcester businesses should be aware of how important it is to safeguard the data residing on it. Hard drive disposal can be very risky if measures aren’t taken to keep data from falling into the wrong hands. Even if you don’t realize it, your hard drives contain sensitive customer and business data that could put your business at risk of a major security breach.

Knowing the Risks

Our data destruction services goes beyond simply performing the work. Our professionals act as consultants to Worcester-area businesses, providing suggestions on how they can keep their data secure while freeing up space in their storage closets and office areas. A business can get an overview of how much data destruction on old hard drives will cost, as well as the risks they’ll face in failing to do so.

Businesses dispose of old equipment in a variety of ways. They may give them to a friend or customer who needs them. They may donate them to schools or take them to a local store that offers cash in exchange for old electronics. In many cases, they send the equipment to a recycling center to be reused for manufacturing new parts. In every instance, though, a business faces the choice of either leaving hard drives inside computers and printers or removing them and storing them onsite.

Hard Drive Destruction

The best course of action for any business is to remove hard drives from every piece of equipment before selling them. Even drives that have been wiped to the highest security standards can still leave doubt, especially if a data breach eventually occurs. When scrutinized, if a business can show that the drives were removed, erased, and destroyed, that business will be able to show that it is responsibly disposing of old equipment.

NCWS recommends businesses destroy hard drives as part of the equipment removal process. This ensures that the physical drive cannot be accessed; removing all doubt that traces of data might have remained. NCWS uses a two-step data destruction process that first renders all data on the drive unreachable through degaussing. Once degaussed, the drive is then shredded into small pieces, making it inaccessible. This can be done quickly, even when a business has hundreds of drives that need to be shredded at once.

Onsite Services

When a business considers the process of getting drives shredded, the first question is how it will be accomplished. Will someone be required to box up numerous drives and transport them across town to a facility? NCWS now provides onsite hard drive shredding services to Worcester-area businesses. We bring our shredding truck to your location, performing erasure and destruction services on your property. This not only provides the convenience of not having to take the drives offsite yourself, but it allows you the peace of mind of knowing the drives aren’t leaving your location.

Through the use of high-tech mobile hard drive shredding equipment, our professionals can shred multiple drives in one visit at affordable prices. Once the process has been finished, we can provide you the paperwork you need for your own files. If you’re ever audited or one of your clients asks how you safeguard their data, you’ll have the documentation to show that you take security seriously and only offload the exterior casing of equipment, shredding hard drives before disposing of them.

Environmental Friendliness

NCWS’s onsite data destruction services are done with sustainability in mind. Our business has a focus on preserving our Earth’s natural resources. When equipment is turned over to us for disposal, we always ensure that it is recycled responsibly rather than ending up in landfills. We have partnerships with recycling resources throughout Massachusetts to give Worcester businesses access to convenient, top-quality recycling.

Worcester’s businesses are increasingly focusing on participating in programs that benefit the environment. Through using NCWS for your equipment disposal and hard drive destruction, you’ll be able to add that to the long list of programs you participate in that benefit the environment. This is important to Worcester-area businesses and their customers, who want to ensure our planet is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Data Security Throughout the Lifecycle

As Worcester businesses craft their long-term plans for data security, onsite data destruction should play an important part in the planning process. A business’s equipment includes highly-sensitive emails and business processes that could be damaging if they were handed over to competitors. Most importantly are the social security numbers, contact names and addresses, and customer health information that could reside on your business’s hard drives. If this information got out, a business would be responsible for notifying all affected customers and paying for identity theft protection for anyone who was impacted.

When a business takes the time to craft a full-lifecycle security plan, that business protects against these types of data breaches. This includes having servers and devices secured, as well as ensuring data is safe in transit. By including hard drive disposal policies in writing, a business can show its partners, investors, board members, and employees that it has a plan to keep data safe at all points. These types of plans are becoming increasingly important as businesses interact with third parties for investment dollars and partnerships.

Mobile hard drive shredding is a convenient, secure way to ensure your data is safe at all stages of an equipment’s life. By bringing hard drive shredders onsite, a Worcester-area business can supervise drives with sensitive data at each phase of the destruction process, providing the security a business needs to know its information is safe. NCWS is committed to providing convenient, high-quality shredding services to businesses throughout Worcester.