Onsite Data Destruction Services in Springfield, Massachusetts

These days, businesses and consumers in the Springfield area are time challenged. Increasingly, residents are seeking out products and services that can be delivered directly to their doorsteps, saving time and providing convenience. With onsite data destruction services, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) brings that convenience to businesses that have old equipment ready for disposal.

Server rooms and storage closets across Springfield are filled with old desktops, laptops, printers, and mobile devices. All of those devices are consuming space that could be dedicated to other items. Over time, the equipment surplus could build to the point that it becomes an obstruction in a growing office space, leaving professionals no choice but to find a way to have it safely removed.

Equipment End of Life

Most electronic equipment reaches the end of its productive life after several years. Some businesses can stretch equipment out longer, but eventually it’s important to reevaluate whether or not an employee can effectively use that equipment without a significant lag. When a business upgrades an employee’s computer, laptop, or mobile device, that business is then left with an old piece of equipment that is no longer usable in the current office environment.

There now are many services that will purchase old equipment from consumers, but the amount a business can get for aging equipment is somewhat negligible. For that reason, many businesses choose to donate or recycle old equipment through an ongoing arrangement with a local service. What many businesses fail to consider, though, is that every computer, mobile device, and printer has a hard drive that could contain sensitive company data. That could be trade secrets that need to be protected from competitors or sensitive employee and customer data that could lead to fraud or identity theft.

Hard Drive Disposal Procedures

Before disposing of old equipment, businesses should first remove the hard drive to avoid having any sensitive data intercepted by a third party. Simply wiping the drive or deleting the files is risky, since traces of data can easily remain deeply embedded in the hardware. It may not even take an expert to retrieve it, depending on how the hard drive erasure process was handled.

Hard drive destruction is now the preferred way to safeguard data when eliminating old equipment from a business’s inventory. This goes beyond merely wiping the drive and sending it along with the computer for recycling or reuse. It involves removing the drive and physically destroying it so that it can no longer be used. By deciding to destroy hard drives as general policy, a business dramatically improves its security procedures and reduces risk to customers and business owners.

Onsite Services

When a Springfield-area contacts NCWS for hard drive destruction services, a consultant provides several options. One of the most popular services is mobile hard drive shredding, which involves sending a mobile shredding truck to a business’s location. This service can be offered alone or as part of NCWS’s equipment moving services, serving as a one-stop shop for businesses that choose it.

NCWS’s professionals can use a two-step process that increases a business’s safety. The first step is to completely erase all data on the drive using an industry-preferred method called degaussing. This process ensures all traces of data are gone from the drive. Once this process is complete, NCWS runs each drive through its professional onsite hard drive shredding equipment. The process is completed quickly and efficiently at the business’s location, eliminating security concerns that come with taking drives to a separate facility and leaving them. Once the process is complete, NCWS can remove the shredded drives, providing documentation a business needs to show the drives were disposed of responsibly.

Local Partnerships

With a focus on the environment, NCWS’s data destruction services are compliant with Springfield businesses’ conservation initiatives. We have partnerships with local facilities to ensure all equipment turned over to us for removal is disposed of with sustainability in mind. Businesses can add their equipment end-of-life procedures to their list of environmental efforts to demonstrate that they are environmentally conscious.

When a business entrusts its equipment disposal to NCWS, that business can move its focus to other things. Our professionals will come to your location and pick up the items, handling both the hard drive destruction and the removal of equipment, effectively freeing up space for other items. Best of all, businesses will be freed from the stress of dealing with hard drive disposal.

From Servers to Devices

The workplace is gradually changing. With more Springfield-area businesses moving to cloud-based applications and server infrastructure, onsite hard drive shredding has become more popular than ever. Added to this is the fact that more businesses are gravitating toward mobile devices and laptops rather than desktop computers, leaving a large number of monitors and CPUs that need to be offloaded. More employees are working from home, as well, which eliminates the need for a large number of copiers and printers in an office. Many of these devices are being replaced by multifunction printers that can print, copy, and fax for an entire office.

These changing equipment needs mean more Springfield businesses need NCWS’s data destruction services. Our mobile hard drive shredding units can render multiple hard drives unusable in one visit. Printers, copiers, and fax machines can also benefit from mobile hard drive shredding services before the equipment is removed to be taken to a recycling center. When a business requests NCWS’s onsite data destruction services, we can give a quote for handling all of that business’s equipment destruction needs in one visit, letting the business know whether it has the money in its operating budget to pay for these services.

If your business needs to destroy hard drives in equipment before recycling it, NCWS can help. Our affordable onsite data destruction services will let you turn everything over to us. This frees your employees up to focus on other efforts, giving you the extra space you need to add office space or extra storage to your work environment.