New Bedford Hard Drive Destruction Services

If your business is like most, you have old equipment taking up space in your offices. Outdated computers, laptops, and printers are probably stuffed into closets and corners, where they take up space and create an obstruction. If you could find a way to dispose of them, you could use that space for an additional office or extra storage.

For New Bedford businesses, equipment disposal is only a phone call away. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) specializes in responsibly offloading old equipment, handling everything for a business to take the load off of IT departments and end users. Our talented server movers can come to your location and remove all equipment to your specifications.

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction

As part of our removal efforts, NCWS regularly consults with businesses on the importance of keeping data out of the hands of third parties. When equipment is simply removed and taken offsite, there is a big risk that any information that remains on it will be seen by someone else. It could even end up in the wrong hands, resulting in a data breach that could negatively impact your company for many years.

NCWS recommends removing hard drives before disposing of all equipment. But with that comes the challenge of hard drive disposal, since a business would be left with boxes full of old hard drives to store. Such storage is dangerous, too, putting a business at risk of those drives eventually being stolen or misplaced. For that reason, NCWS advises that companies destroy hard drives as soon as they’ve reached the end of their usefulness.

Data Destruction Procedures

For our data destruction services, we employ a two-step process that involves first degaussing the drive and then running it through one of our hard drive shredders. Our process physically damages the drive to an extent that it could never be usable but just in case, we also use degaussing to change the magnetic field of the drive so that any data would be unreadable if the hard drive could be accessed.

In addition to computer and server hard drives, NCWS also recommends destroying hard drives in printers, external hard drives, floppy disks, and CD-ROMs. These items can contain sensitive company data that also puts your business at risk. With onsite data destruction, we can ensure the safe disposal of any media you have on hand that could put your company at risk.

Onsite Services

As server and computer relocation specialists, NCWS travels around the New Bedford area, picking up equipment and moving it to its new destination. This service extends to data destruction and equipment removal. Our onsite hard drive shredding services allow us to bring our mobile hard drive shredding equipment directly to your location, where we shred your drives on site. Not only does this give you the convenience of not having to take the drives to a separate location, but it also keeps the drives on site, where you can monitor each step of the process.

Our mobile hard drive shredding equipment can shred multiple hard drives in a short space of time. This gives businesses the freedom to dispose of years of accumulated equipment in one visit. The convenience of our mobile services also means we can show up at your location on a regular basis to take care of hard drive disposal as you replace existing equipment with newer versions.

Documented Disposal

As your business grows, you’ll likely see the need to have a documented data destruction process in place. This means you have procedures that describe, step by step, how you handle both paper and equipment disposal. New employees will then be able to review these procedures and follow them as a matter of policy. Most importantly, you’ll have this paperwork in place to show auditors, business partners, and clients if they ask to see them.

In addition to having your hard drive destruction procedures lined up, you should also have paperwork demonstrating how each piece of equipment was offloaded. NCWS can provide a certificate of destruction that shows compliance with all applicable regulations to help you satisfy any audit you’ll encounter. You should also keep an inventory showing the chain of custody of each piece of equipment, including the date it was put into your inventory and the date and manner it was destroyed.

Cloud Migration

Many New Bedford businesses have begun the process of migrating apps and data to the cloud. When information is sent offsite to a third-party provider, a business is left with multiple pieces of server equipment, including monitors, peripherals, and racks. NCWS can remove all of that equipment to allow businesses to reclaim that space for other purposes.

The process of safely disposing of server equipment is similar to the way laptops and desktops are offloaded. A server’s hard drive can easily contain sensitive data, even the operating system has been reloaded or all of its files have been deleted. NCWS’s data destruction services can ensure hard drives are safely discarded while all other equipment is responsibly recycled.

Local Partnerships

Prior to contracting for onsite data destruction services, a business often struggles to determine where old equipment should go. NCWS has partnerships with local recycling resources to make this process easier for businesses that need it. Our experience in helping with server room relocations has helped us familiarize ourselves with the many options available for discarding old equipment.

Some New Bedford businesses ask NCWS to destroy hard drives after they’ve already determined where equipment will be going. We can help move equipment to any predetermined location and even work with a business that wants to leave the hard drive with the equipment as it goes. We’ll explain the options and the risks that come with each and make recommendations based on a business’s unique needs.

When a business needs equipment removal and disposal, NCWS can help. Businesses throughout New Bedford are now realizing the many benefits of onsite hard drive shredding from experienced professionals, including convenience and the best security possible.