NCWS Provides Mobile Hard Drive Shredding to Quincy Businesses

Does your business have a strategy for your equipment’s end of life? If not, you’re one of many businesses currently in that situation. The concept of office automation is changing, with large printers, desktops, and fax machines being phased out in favor of mobile devices, laptops, and multifunction printers. This has left many businesses throughout the country with a large pile of old equipment that needs to be removed.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) offers data destruction services to businesses throughout the Quincy area. In just one visit, NCWS can remove excess equipment from a business’s office space, taking the stress off of the staff and allowing them to concentrate on doing their jobs. Most importantly, our experts use our extensive knowledge of IT security to ensure the data on all removed equipment remains safe long after it has moved on to its next location.

On-Site Services

Quincy-area businesses can now take advantage of NCWS’s mobile hard drive shredding services, which offers convenient onsite hard drive shredding at affordable prices. When a business chooses NCWS for its data removal needs, we’ll first outline that business’s unique needs and outline a plan for ensuring data remains safe throughout the process.

Before recycling equipment, our skilled professionals recommend first removing the hard drive and destroying it completely to ensure the data residing on it can’t be accessed. We can work with a business’s unique needs for disposal to recommend the best course of action when it comes to handling those hard drives. Most importantly, we’ll provide a business the documentation it needs that top-notch security procedures are in place to keep sensitive data safe.

Knowing the Risks

Before recycling old equipment, businesses should be aware of the risks that exist related to irresponsible data destruction. If a computer, printer, or mobile device is passed on to a third party with data remaining on it, every piece of information remaining is at risk of being used. Even when the electronics are being passed on to a trusted person, the data can still end up with the wrong person due to hacking attempts or lost devices. Even when professionals are sure they’ve removed every trace of data, information can remain.

NCWS uses a two-step hard drive disposal process that involves first degaussing the drive to ensure data on it can’t be accessed. Once the drive is completely clean, we destroy hard drives using professional shredding equipment. This destroys the physical structure of the drive to crush it completely and render it unusable. The equipment can then be safely recycled with no hard drive remaining inside.


Quincy businesses should have documented hard drive destruction procedures that can be shared with all employees, investors, and customers as needed. Having this documentation in place will help a business be able to answer any questions that arise. If a business experiences an audit, these procedures will demonstrate that your business has set policies and employees are expected to follow it.

As a business puts onsite data destruction procedures in place, it should pay close attention to regulations and other requirements that impact their own business. Regulations specific to accepting credit cards or handling patient medical data may apply to your hard drive disposal efforts. You should maintain an inventory system that tracks each piece of equipment from the time it enters your inventory until the time you turn it over to NCWS. We’ll also provide paperwork that demonstrates the type of disposal that took place so that you’ll have the documentation that you need when the time arises.

Equipment Removal Purpose

Over time, a business can accumulate a great deal of equipment. This is comparable to the paperwork that built up over many years of doing business. Just as businesses will shred paperwork to clear out filing cabinets and drawers, hard drive destruction is necessary to keep information safe. Legal risks can occur if paper documents aren’t shredded properly, so businesses know that they must take precautions to destroy that paperwork before sending it off for recycling.

There are several reasons businesses may need onsite data destruction services. In many cases, they’re simply trying to free up office space that they can use for other purposes. They may even feel that the equipment surplus is unsightly, making office spaces appear cluttered. NCWS also helps businesses remove equipment before they move to a new office, whether as part of our regular IT relocation services or independent of that. Businesses are also clearing out server rooms in an effort to move them to an offsite location or a cloud hosting service. When that happens, NCWS can take care of getting rid of the extra equipment.

Recycling Options

Businesses sometimes contact NCWS with questions about how to dispose of old equipment. NCWS has partnerships with multiple local sources that can help businesses get rid of computers, printers, and other devices. In addition to our data destruction services, we also take care of matching old equipment with a recycling option that will protect the environment while also resolving the issue for businesses.

In some instances, businesses want to donate equipment to charities or local businesses. NCWS can help with that, as well, coming up with an option for onsite hard drive shredding that will meet the new device owner’s needs. If the drive needs to remain in the equipment, we can come up with an option that will improve the chances that your data will be safe without having to destroy hard drives. We’ll give you all of the options available to you and make recommendations but ultimately, the decision will be left up to each individual business.

Mobile hard drive shredding is a great way to dispose of old equipment without putting your sensitive data at risk. Whether you’re disposing of desktops, laptops, servers, printers, copiers, or mobile devices, it’s important to speak with an expert to make sure you’ve set up procedures that keep your data safe. We’ll take care of everything for you to let you keep your office spaces clear while still ensuring your sensitive data is protected.