NCWS Helps Lowell Businesses Destroy Hard Drives

Lowell-area businesses know the importance of shredding documents before disposing of them, but what about sensitive electronic documents? When equipment has reached the end of its useful life, businesses need a way to easily dispose of it without putting data at risk. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) can safely and conveniently remove equipment from a business’s office spaces and supply closets at an affordable rate.

Our professionals work with Lowell businesses to identify the best course of action to keep data safe during the disposal process. Hard drive destruction services can be performed on site before equipment is removed to allow the business to oversee the process. Additionally, NCWS provides onsite data destruction services to businesses that have removed the drives themselves over time, needing only the drives safely destroyed.

Why Destroy Hard Drives?

Think of a hard drive like a file cabinet. Each drawer is filled with sheets of paper that includes all of the information your business needs to communicate with clients, fill orders, share information with fellow workers, and more. A business wouldn’t empty the contents of that file cabinet directly into the dumpster, nor would it leave the cabinet and its contents behind for new occupants to find.

Throughout the day, your Lowell business’s mobile devices and computers gather information about your customers and your internal operations. This could be in the form of attachments downloaded from emails, sites and emails that are cached, or new documents that are created by employees. Even if files are removed before the hard drive disposal process begins, they can still be retrieved once the equipment is offsite.

Hard Drive Erasure

NCWS’s data destruction services include both hard drive erasure and shredding. We recommend Lowell businesses first allow our technicians to degauss each drive to change the magnetic field of each drive, making inaccessible any data that remains. Once that part of the process is complete, we’ll then move to the step where we destroy hard drives using top-quality mobile hard drive shredding equipment.

Our equipment is built to shred multiple hard drives in a short space of time, making this ideal for situations where Lowell businesses have a surplus of hard drives that need to be removed from storage. Because we come to your location, you don’t have to worry about boxing them up and transporting them to a remote location, where you’ll then have them out of your sight.

Server Hard Drives

As more Lowell businesses transfer applications and files to the cloud, server rooms are gradually being phased out. NCWS helps Lowell-area businesses with their server relocations, whether those relocations are to a new building or to the cloud. We can work with your business, advising you on the best way to handle the gradual decommissioning of your old equipment, including reducing downtime and securing your data as you dispose of old equipment.

In addition to advising you as you coordinate your equipment disposal, we’ll also handle removing the equipment for you. You can count on our server movers to remove all hard drives and properly dispose of them. Once the process of onsite hard drive shredding has been completed, we will remove your server equipment from your premises and recycle it responsibly.

Other Media

As technology has evolved, businesses have found themselves dealing with equipment that long ago passed being useful. Fax machines, CD-ROMs, floppy disks, flash drives, external hard drives, and desktop printers are now being removed from offices across the U.S. to make room for new technologies.

But each of these devices can contain sensitive data. Mobile hard drive shredding services can include media like CD-ROMs and floppies, external hard droves, and printers and fax machines. Since these devices were used for business purposes, they can easily contain sensitive data and the business would have no way of knowing for certain that all of the data was removed. Professional data destruction services will ensure these small devices are destroyed with all data removed.

A Documented Procedure

Perhaps the most important aspect of any hard drive destruction process is that a business has on record that it was done. When procedures are well documented, a business is fully prepared to demonstrate those procedures to auditors, clients, and any other business partners. If an organization is subject to regulations, being able to show that it has strict security measures in place is essential. Failing to do so could mean costly fines and potential loss of services.

NCWS’s onsite data destruction services can be tailored to meet a business’s unique needs. This includes providing the services that are necessary to address those requirements, as well as maintaining paperwork that details how those services are provided. We can provide the paperwork your business needs for its files so that you’ll be ready for any questions that arise over the course of the year.

Extra Office Space

Once a business has a hard drive disposal process in place, it can then move forward with the peace of mind of knowing that as new equipment is purchased, old equipment can be safely removed as needed. Instead of clearing out storage space for old equipment, a business can remove all hard drives for onsite hard drive shredding, then contact NCWS to come to the location and remove all equipment.

This means office space will always be kept clear. Instead of storing equipment for months, businesses now realize they’ll only need to store it until our equipment move specialists arrive to take care of it. This means storage closets can be repurposed for storing office supplies or reconfigured as office space, preventing Lowell businesses from paying a lease for space that isn’t being utilized for business purposes.

When Lowell businesses need equipment removed, NCWS is the perfect solution. We’ll provide full services, from advising your business on what needs to be done to removing the equipment and destroying all hard drives. With mobile hard drive shredding and disposal services, businesses don’t even have to transport equipment offsite, having it handled by professionals who are experts in equipment relocation and data destruction.