Mobile Hard Drive Shredding in Greater Boston

Security is a top priority for Boston’s many businesses, with data breaches occurring across the globe on a daily basis. Businesses spend money and resources securing each server and device that contains company or customer data, knowing if that information falls into the wrong hands it could be disastrous.

Eventually each of those servers and devices reaches its end of life, however. When that happens, it’s important to take time to consider what will happen to that equipment at the next stage of its lifecycle. Copiers, servers, laptops, fax machines, and mobile devices can all have information on their hard drives. For that reason, security experts recommend businesses destroy hard drives before recycling or disposing of old equipment.

Hard Drive Destruction Options

Businesses have several options when offloading old equipment from their premises. They can erase all data from the drive, but that doesn’t guarantee every trace of data is removed. In fact, sometimes traces of information can remain and that data can be easily retrieved once it has left your location.

In recent years, it has become clear that the best policy is to remove hard drives from equipment before disposal. Once the drive has been removed, a business has control of it. But it can still be dangerous to store old hard drives that have data on the. Through hard drive destruction, a business can remove a drive and physically demolish it, rendering it unusable.

Hard Drive Disposal Purpose

Customer safety is a top priority for businesses, especially since one data breach can bring disastrous results. A business will be forced to notify every person whose data was compromised, as well as potentially paying for identity theft protection for a specific period of time, as required by applicable laws. Data destruction services can save a business thousands of dollars in fines and lost productivity by avoiding a data breach in the first place.

In addition to notification costs, businesses also must deal with reputation damage after a data breach. Customers may stay away for a while out of fear of another breach. Some Boston-area businesses might not be able to recover from such bad word-of-mouth. Businesses also fall under credit card and customer information privacy requirements that are attached to accepting credit cards or storing private health information on customers. When they destroy hard drives, businesses can prove compliance with hard drive destruction recommendations if an issue ever arises.

Types of Hard Drive Destruction

At one time, businesses thought merely punching a hole in a hard drive or smashing it with a hammer would be sufficient to remove all traces of data. Experts instead recommend fully shredding each hard drive using professional data destruction services. This process ensures the drive could never be used again.

Today’s hard drive shredding equipment adds a new layer of convenience. Instead of forcing businesses to transport old equipment or hard drives to a separate location, mobile hard drive shredding equipment brings that service to the business’s property. Shredding can be conducted on site under the supervision of the business’s IT department, offering convenience and enhanced security.

What Is Mobile Hard Drive Shredding?

With onsite hard drive shredding, professional data destruction technicians arrive at the location with equipment that is specifically designed to destroy hard drives. Whether a business has been collecting hard drives for many years or has recently disposed of a large amount of equipment at once, mobile hard drive shredding takes the need to transport items, saving time and money.

Once the shredding process is complete, data destruction experts can provide the documentation necessary to prove that hard drives were destroyed in accordance with the strictest security standards possible. This documentation can be saved for auditors or provided to regulators to prove compliance.

How Mobile Shredding Works

Before arriving at a Boston-area business’s office, a team of data destruction experts will assess that business’s specific needs. This will likely begin with a questionnaire to outline the specific type and amount of hardware to be destroyed. Prior to initiating services, data destruction experts will provide a free quote for the project. This will allow businesses to ensure the money is in the budget before services are performed.

National Computer Warehouse Services provides hard drive disposal services to businesses throughout the Boston area. We meet industry standards for hard drive destruction, with years of experience in information systems technology security procedures. We take each client’s data security needs very seriously and work hard each step of the way to keep a business and its customers safe.

What Is Destroyed

When a hard drive is passed through one of NCWS’s shredders, the platter is completely damaged. Without the platter, the drive is completely unusable. Hard drive shredders not only are efficient in destroying the drive itself, but they can also crush smartphones, tablets, and other devices that couldn’t otherwise be easily destroyed.

By trusting hard drive destruction to a trusted expert in the field, a business knows it will be handled correctly. Procedures are documented and in keeping with industry standards for destruction, making it easier for a business to more easily answer the question, “How do responsibly dispose of old equipment?”

An Extra Step

Simply physically destroying the hard drive isn’t enough. NCWS’s mobile hard drive shredding services include first erasing the drive using an industry-approved process called degaussing. This ensures every trace of data is completely removed from the drive before it is put through the shredder. Although the drive is completely shredded, this extra step gives businesses extra relief in knowing that everything that can be done to protect customers has been done.

When working with a Boston-area business, NCWS always determines the exact requirements they have specific to their businesses. A medical practice tasked with storing patient data would need paperwork showing compliance with HIPAA standards, for instance. NCWS not only meets those standards but provides paperwork that a business can keep on file to prove the work was done in the proper manner.

Businesses in the Greater Boston area that need mobile hard drive shredding should entrust their needs to NCWS. With onsite services, businesses can welcome shredding services onto their own property, eliminating the need to transport equipment offsite to be shredded.