Lynn Businesses Benefit from Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

Lynn, Massachusetts is home to businesses in a variety of industries, from service-based companies to small local shops. As the city continues to grow, business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting customers from an unexpected data breach. Once they’ve tightened up their server security and put device protections in place, professionals then turn attention to internal processes that might put them at risk.

Hard drive disposal is an important part of a business’s data security, since a company’s electronic equipment contains some of its most sensitive data. The longer a business is around, the more it will need to upgrade equipment like computers, printers, and mobile devices. That means old equipment will need to be removed and disposed of responsibly, both from an environmental and a security standpoint.

Shredding Drives

When a business needs to offload old paper-based files, that business will usually rely on paper shredders. Many businesses even hire companies to send a truck around and shred large amounts of paper on a regular basis. Any savvy business realizes the importance of setting policies for disposal of paper documents, since an employee’s judgment on which items to shred can be unreliable.

Now that most offices have their paper-shredding policies in place, they’ve begun to focus attention on equipment disposal. They’ve become aware that they must put policies in place that will help them keep office areas clear while also keeping customer and business data safe. When they destroy hard drives before recycling them, Lynn-area businesses keep themselves safe from data breaches that could be disastrous to their operations.

Hard Drive Destruction: The Details

A business may think data is removed by simply hitting the delete key. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Even the most extensive deletion process can easily miss snippets of information. A minimally technologically-savvy person could find those traces of data and use them for questionable purposes, leading your customers to see you as untrustworthy. Even hard drive sanitation software can’t be guaranteed.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) uses a two-step destruction process that involves first degaussing the drive. The degaussing process changes the magnetic field so that it can no longer be read. But NCWS doesn’t stop with degaussing. We then use our hard drive shredding equipment to completely destroy the drive so that it can’t be used. Only then do we dispose of the drive to the business’s specification.

Convenience and Oversight

Lynn businesses can now take advantage of NCWS’s mobile hard drive shredding services. For an affordable fee, we’ll bring our onsite data destruction equipment directly to your location, shredding hard drives for all of your devices while on your property. Business owners will have the comfort of knowing that drive destruction is happening onsite, which provides peace of mind. Once we’re finished, you’ll be able to personally witness the remnants of your drive and see that it is not usable.

Businesses utilizing our onsite hard drive shredding services can also benefit from our specialty, which is relocating equipment. We can pick up your servers, computers, printers, and other outdated electronics and move them to the disposal facility you specify. If you are unsure how to properly dispose of old equipment, we have local partnerships that will ensure your items are recycled in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

Time-Tested Processes

When a business chooses NCWS’s data destruction services, that business knows it is working with a company that has in-depth knowledge of technology. Over the years, we’ve worked with businesses in a wide variety of industries and we’ve learned that different types of businesses have different needs. One of the big differences is in the regulatory requirements a business must meet.

Each type of business should be well aware of any regulations specific to its industry and set up hard drive disposal procedures that will meet those requirements. NCWS can work with a business to create a set of policies that it shares with employees and inventory managers, including recommending an inventory process that keeps equipment safe at each step of the process.

Documentation for Auditors

Part of our data destruction services includes providing the documentation a business needs to satisfy questions from third parties. A business may be seeking investment dollars and asked for details on security measures it takes. A client may be considering working with a business but concerned about the protection of his data. Or a business could be subject to an audit, either as a part of meeting regulatory requirements, to justify funds being received, or as part of legal action.

NCWS provides the documentation a business needs to demonstrate compliance when needed. Having this information on file for each piece of equipment means an organization never has to fear a visit from an auditor again. This documentation will show how hard drive destruction was handled for each piece of equipment that was remanded into our custody. When combined with your existing inventory paper trail, this paperwork can be fairly powerful.

Satisfied Customers

The biggest benefit of mobile hard drive shredding is that it offers the convenience of handing the service over to experts. This means you can focus on your customers while at the same time keeping their sensitive information secure. You’ll be able to say, with confidence, that you responsibly recycle all of your old equipment, demonstrating your dedication to conserving the Earth’s natural resources.

You’ll also avoid a dangerous data breach. When you destroy hard drives, you eliminate risk for your treasured clients. You also prevent sensitive information from getting into the hands of your competitors. Imagine the many emails your employees send and receive each day. Now imagine those emails being made publicly available or shared with your competitors. When you stop to think about the repercussions of that, you’ll see the value of onsite data destruction services.

With our onsite hard drive shredding services, NCWS offers convenience and security to Lynn-area businesses. We’ll work directly with you to outline the best suite of services to meet your unique needs and formulate a solution that works within your budget. We’ll work not only as your service provider but your partner for all of your equipment relocation and disposal needs.