Hard Drive Disposal Services in Cambridge

Disposing of old electronic equipment can be challenging, whether you’re running a multinational corporation or a small local shop. For Cambridge businesses, there are a variety of options for disposing of old equipment, many of which are environmentally friendly. But when a business attempts equipment recycling on its own, it puts itself at major risk for a security breach.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) specializes in responsible hard drive disposal and equipment recycling. We have a proven process in place that starts with removing the drives from each piece of equipment before it is taken offsite. Our two-step hard drive destruction process begins with erasing the drive through a process called degaussing, ensuring data can’t be accessed, then continues to hard drive shredding, which finalizes the process of damaging the drive.

Chain of Custody

Many Cambridge businesses are accountable for their security measures. Whether they answer to regulations, business partners, customers, or a combination of all of the above, businesses must have documented procedures in place to answer to those third parties. One major concern when it comes to offloaded equipment is the “chain of custody,” which refers to the lifecycle of a piece of equipment as it leaves a business’s possession.

At NCWS, we work with a variety of Cambridge-area businesses to relocate equipment. When an item has reached its end of life, it’s important that a business knows exactly what to do with that equipment and documents each step of the process. We can generate the proper document to demonstrate that equipment disposal was handled responsibly.

Convenience and Trust

NCWS now provides onsite hard drive shredding services to meet the needs of busy Cambridge business owners and IT managers. We’ll bring our mobile hard drive shredding equipment to your location, working to destroy hard drives while under your staff’s supervision. This gives your business the ability to honestly answer that questions about the location of your drives throughout the disposal process.

In addition to enhanced security, our onsite data destruction services bring a unique level of convenience to your business. NCWS can remove all of your equipment and hard drives from your location, allowing you to keep working uninterrupted while your old equipment is safely removed from your office spaces and storage areas. You can choose to regularly have NCWS remove equipment or wait until you have enough equipment on hand that it is getting in the way to contact us for service.

Why Destroy Data?

Satisfying requirements is only one reason to seek qualified data destruction services. As a business, your primary loyalties rest with your customers. With customer data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, and social security numbers residing on each device’s hard drive, it’s essential to protect customers by ensuring that data is inaccessible at all times. This includes not only while it is in use within an office space, but once it has been shifted offsite to a recycling facility or charity.

In addition to its customers, onsite data destruction helps a business protect company secrets from competitors. Over years of use, one hard drive can collect reams of data from downloaded email attachments, cached websites and messages, internal memos, and more. If that information falls into the wrong hands, it could be posted online or sent to a competitor, who will then use it to boost its own business efforts. This is especially true if your business hasn’t yet registered a patent for your valuable ideas and product designs.

Old Media

As NCWS removes equipment from old buildings, often we see drives and other media that is simply too old to erase. Over the years, some Cambridge businesses have accumulated piles of CD-ROMs, floppy disks, external hard drives, and hard drives and some of that media cannot longer be read by computers. We will use a degaussing device to destroy the data on drives, then shred all of your media.

The demand for data destruction services often increases when a business relocates. Server rooms, storage closets, and filing cabinets will be filled with old equipment that employees set aside as new equipment came in. With no idea how to safely dispose of those old devices, employees simply put it off until a future time. But NCWS can come to a business’s location long before a move becomes necessary, taking care of hard drive disposal and freeing up extra space that can be used for extra storage or new office space.

Environmental Responsibility

As an equipment relocation specialist, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. We have partnerships with local facilities that help us responsibly dispose of old media and equipment. This ensures you can honestly promote your disposal procedures as part of your environmental efforts in your business. Since this issue is important to many consumers, marketing your recycling efforts can be a smart move.

For businesses that have plans for their recycled equipment, NCWS can come up with a plan that will keep data safe while also satisfying those commitments. If your business is transferring the equipment to another area of your organization, for instance, you may want the hard drive to be usable once it gets to the new location. We can help you come up with a plan to make sure data remain safe without completely destroying the drive. If you’re donating your equipment to a school or other nonprofit, you may need a plan that will render that equipment usable without putting your data at risk. We will explain the risks and benefits of various options to let you decide whether allowing the hard drive to remain in donated equipment is the best choice for your business.

With mobile hard drive shredding, businesses in Cambridge have the convenience and security of hard drive disposal at their own location. Whether a business is relocating to a new office or simply freeing up space in an existing location, NCWS can take equipment to a new location while also ensuring data remains safe. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business with your equipment removal or hard drive disposal needs.