Data Destruction Services for Brockton Businesses

Every business today has some form of a paper trail. In many cases, that trail is an electronic one, with each transaction leaving a small digital footprint. Employees download attachments, create files, and enter information into databases that result in data being scattered across device and server hard drives, as well as printers, fax machines, and copiers.

Many businesses invest in paper shredders to destroy paper-based documents before sending them to the recycling facility. But what about hard drives? More data can be contained on one employee’s hard drive than in an entire office full of filing cabinets, yet businesses often send equipment to the next location without a second thought.

Safe Data Disposal

At National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS), we understand the importance of responsible hard drive destruction. We work with businesses across the Brockton area to help them understand the risks associated with donating or recycling equipment without first removing and destroying all hard drives. Servers, desktops, laptops, and printers all contain data that could put businesses at risk for a security breach, which can cost a business thousands of dollars.

Our hard drive disposal process involves erasing all traces of data on each drive using a proven degaussing process that changes the magnetic field of the drive itself. Although this is the best way to make sure all data is gone, NCWS takes the process a step further by also shredding each drive to make sure it can’t be read. This keeps all of a business’s information safe while also allowing equipment to be removed on a regular basis.

The Costs of a Data Breach

Failure to safely dispose of equipment can have costly consequences for businesses. Customers’ credit card information or social security numbers could reside on a hard drive that makes its way into a criminal’s possession. Once news of a breach makes its way back to the business, it will then be responsible for notifying all potentially-impacted customers, which takes time away from a professional’s schedule while also consuming valuable resources. In some areas, the business may even be required to purchase identity theft protection for all customers who might have been affected. If a business falls under federal regulations, fines and loss of funding could result.

The biggest cost of a data breach is to a business’s reputation. When a business fails to destroy hard drives before disposing of them, it shows a reckless disregard for customer privacy. If a data breach happens as a result, this will send a very negative message to customers or clients, driving them away. Without data destruction services, a business could also send sensitive customer data to a third party, where it eventually leaks to competitors. Confidential information on business processes and ideas could be given to the competition. In either of these cases, the worst that can happen is that the business will eventually fail, despite the years of hard work its leaders put into it.

Server Rooms

NCWS began its onsite data destruction services in response to customer demand. As professional server room movers, we have spent years helping businesses relocate their server rooms. In many cases, during the move process equipment was discovered that needed to be recycled or discarded. This is especially true in recent years, as more businesses have chosen to outsource network operations to the cloud.

Our onsite hard drive shredding services can handle all of a business’s hard drive destruction needs. We’ll bring our state-of-the-art mobile hard drive shredding equipment to your location, where we’ll take care of your own disposal needs at your convenience. Because our work is conducted on site, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your drives didn’t leave your site until they were safely shredded.

Tracking Progress

While customer and business security is the top reason to destroy hard drives before disposing of old equipment, there are other reasons for destruction, as well. When a business has inventory tracking and paperwork in place, it can answer questions about any piece of equipment at all times. Occasionally a client, business partner, or investor may have questions about your business’s equipment disposal policies and having that information documented can make a big difference.

NCWS’s data destruction services are designed to provide businesses the information they need to answer any questions that arise. If a business can document its hard drive disposal efforts, it can demonstrate that processes are in place to protect against a breach. If an issue ever comes up that brings those processes into question, the business will then have the paper trail it needs to show the right measures were taken.

Business Types

Businesses throughout Brockton rely on NCWS for their onsite data destruction needs. Organizations of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, can benefit from the convenience and security of onsite hard drive shredding. Medical practices and financial institutions are especially concerned about safeguarding their data, but every business type should be concerned about the information residing on the hard drives of their equipment.

As businesses increasingly move toward more efficient use of office space, they’re realizing the benefits of having outdated equipment removed promptly. When computers and printers are allowed to collect over time, they can create an obstruction in office areas. By removing this unused equipment and investing in hard drive destruction, a business can free up space that can be put to better use. Best of all, office areas can be made cleaner and more attractive, making them more pleasant for everyone.  When it’s time for a business to move, having this equipment out of the way will help make the move progress much more quickly. NCWS can remove equipment prior to a move or as part of the process, taking it to one of our partner locations for responsible disposal.

When a Brockton-area business needs to dispose of old equipment, NCWS can help. With mobile hard drive shredding, we can come to your location and take care of things for you. This will allow you to focus on building your own business with the confidence of knowing disposal is being handled by experts.